Drunk On Disney 152: D to the 2 to the 3

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Guy and Dana are at Raleigh Supercon but thinking about the Disney Convention on the other coast. They are joined by old friends Brian O'Halloran and Patty Hawkins and new friends Alexis and David.

Alexis and David with Dana Snyder


Drunk On Disney 151: Having a Ball in Denver

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Guy and Dana are sitting in a booth in the oldest restaurant in Denver, The Buckhorn Exchange, chatting about Pandora, unusual theme park chow, Buffalo Bill's hair, dead birds and favorite places to eat in WDW.


Drunk On Disney 150: Eternity in a Shop Vac

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LIVE from Denver Comic Con, day one! Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson chat about the announced changes to Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars 3, Shanghai Disney and Disney Cruise Lines.