Drunk On Disney Episode 117: We Kid

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Guy HutchinsonDana Snyder and Bart Scott are back with listener questions about travelling with young children, cowboys on The Great Movie Ride and travelling around the world.


Drunk On Disney Episode 116: Honey I'm Drunk In the Audience

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Bart Scott, Guy Hutchinson and Dana Snyder are back with plans for upcoming trips, nostalgia for Honey I Shrunk the Audience and no love for Disney Springs.

To drink along you need 1 part Grand Marnier, 3 parts good coffee, top with whipped cream.

LINK: Robot Restaurant Wendell "Bud" HurlbutHilary Tuck, Honey I Shrunk the Kids the TV Show, HISTKTV Poster at the Backlot.


Drunk On Disney Episode 115: What's In the Big Ball?

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Bart Scott and Guy Hutchinson talk about rental cars, free things to do in WDW, Dole Whips, Tiki Bars and the importance of proper lighting.

To drink along you need 1 part Southern Comfort, 1 part Russian Standard vodka, 4 parts orange juice, Splash Rose's lime juice, drizzle grenadine.

LINK: Bus CrashGlenn Ray Bright Sr.CGI Star Tours.


Drunk On Disney Episode 114: Gorilla and Gin

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Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson chat about eating in old Hollywood, drinking at the Tower of Terror and watching old movies.

To drink along you need Gorilla Grog, Sprite and Gin.

LINK: Jerry Lewis: The Ladies Man trailerFocused on the MagicLee Eyerly.


Drunk On Disney Episode 113: Lincoln Eats the Tourists

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Guy Hutchinson and Bart Scott reveal surprising facts about WDW that should surprise no one, complain about complainers, choose not to mourn the Earful Tower and get Master Foundry Mania.

To drink along you need Bacardi Limon, blue curacao,  sweet and sour mix, sprite and Rose's Grenadine.

LINK: Doctor DisneyMaster FoundersWillie Tyler and LesterEarful Tower goneCastle weddings, 100 Disney Channel movies or something like thathigh fiveSoarin' Around the WorldBack in Time for Dinner, Airport Gum BanMan Hammers the Liberty BellGet Dark Side of Disney for 10% off.