Drunk On Disney Episode 120: The Laziest River of Them All

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Dana SnyderGuy Hutchinson and Bart Scott are joined by Quincy Marr with talk about Dana's time in Atlanta, Bart's time guarding a Disney legend and the upcoming DOD events in Miami.


Drunk On Disney Episode 119: Searching for Earl Sinclair

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Guy Hutchinson and Bart Scott are back with a chat about Roy Rogers and Pecos Bill, Memories of Disney Quest, Earl Sinclair, Hulk Hogan and a drink too classy for them.

To drink along with the boys you need to be rich.

LINKS: Hogan and Jenner, Slo, Muppets at WDW, Pecos Bill, Mickey is Sexy.


Drunk On Disney Episode 118: Sidecar and Slimer

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Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson are joined by Jon Eadler to chat about dining near Boardwalk, drinking Ecto-Cooler, ABC cancelling The Muppets, kicking back with a Kickstarter and Netflix not having every Disney movie ever.