Drunk On Disney Episode 112: Driving Miss Disney

LINK (right click to save) 45:35

Guy Hutchinson records a solo show behind the wheel. As he cruises around he pontificates on the birth of the Ferris wheel, The Jungle Book, price increases and meeting Yogi Bear.

To drink along you need 2 parts coconut rum, 1 part Midori, 2 part pineapple juice and 1 part coco lopez.

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Drunk On Disney Episode 111: Camel Head

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Guy Hutchinson, Dana Snyder and Bart Scott chat about Morocco, Rainforest Cafe and the Haunted Mansion-themed subscription box.
Also, Phillip Swift and Elizabeth Taylor Swift show up to chat about the Dark Side of Disney.

To drink along you need 2 pieces fresh passion fruit, 6 oz. piña colada mix and 1 oz. blue curaçao syrup.

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Drunk On Disney Episode 110: Hanky Panky

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Guy Hutchinson and Bart Scott pay tribute to Lucille Martin and Patty Duke, reminisce about Food Rocks, laugh at their own jokes in this week's action packed episode. They also make time to chat about Wrestlemania but not for Food and Wine.

To drink along you need gin, sweet vermouth and Fernet-Branca.

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