Drunk On Disney Episode 96: New Year, Old Beer

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Bart Scott and Guy Hutchinson run down all the New Years Eve offerings at WDW, have a non-spoiler Star Wars chat, spoil The Poseidon Adventure, review the Christmas parade and get a new favorite NBA player.
To drink along with Bart and Guy you need citrus vodka, simple syrup and sweet and sour mix.

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Drunk On Disney Episode 95: Star Bores

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Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson are joined by Jon Eadler to have a spoiler free discussion about Star Wars The Force Awakens. They also talk about new security methods at Walt Disney World and alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

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Mexico Pavilion Climbing Club

It was the shot head round the world. A man climbed up the front of the Mexican Pavilion at


Drunk On Disney Episode 94: Perfused Perfume

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Dana Snyder, Guy Hutchinson and Bart Scott return for an extra long episode filled with talk of weird perfume, Star Wars figures on Facebook, Disney dating and collecting useless paper.

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Drunk On Disney Episode 93: Mouse Mangle

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Guy Hutchinson is left all alone this week to reminiscing about his 2009 Disney Cruise and discuss the proposals to build WDW in St. Louis or New Orleans. Guy also investigates Mouse Mingle, babbles about Captain EO and toasts an actor he saw on What's Happening. 

LINKS: More information of Little Oscar (Guy couldn't find this on the show), What's Happening Positive Identification episode Guy's book signing on December 13th, Christmoose and Buy a DoD Flask!