Drunk On Disney 157: Riding The Dapper Dans

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Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson are live in Miami at Animate Florida to chat about the history of the Disney company. Dana and Guy swap stories about Disney history and get distracted by the music of Allan Sherman and confuse Charles Pierce with Charles Lane.


Drunk On Disney 156: Beauty and the Bronchitis

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Guy Hutchinson does a couple trip reports, giving his take on Spirit of Aloha, Frozen, The Contemporary Resort, Art of Animation and more all while coughing to an irritating degree.


Drunk On Disney 155: The Masters of the Universe

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Recorded LIVE at Denver Comic Con! Dana and Guy tackle questions from a raucous crowd about drinking around the world, the future of Tomorrowland and abandoned Disney parks. Plus He-Man talk! Oh, so much He-Man talk.


Drunk On Disney 154: The History of the World... So Far

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Recorded LIVE at Florida Supercon, Fort Lauderdale. Dana and Guy attempt to convey the entire history of the Disney company, but get distracted by old timey pronunciations, cosplayers and wifi issues.


Drunk On Disney 153: Total Eclipse of Your Face

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Dana and Guy visit the Keen's Chophouse in NYC! Also Guy discusses possible names for a new Disney Hollywood Studios!