Drunk On Disney 162: Scooby Dufus and The Hanna Barbarians

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Dana and Guy join Patty Hawkins for Sots on Cels, a live convention panel about Scooby Doo 'clones.'
Also on the panel are Dan Parella and Nick Unthank and everyone discusses a wide variety of Hanna Barbera and Ruby Spears cartoons featuring talking dune buggies, sharks and Mr. T.


Drunk On Disney 161: Five Out of Five Stars

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Guy Hutchinson chats about Blackbeard's Ghost, Superbowl trailers, Black Panther reviews, monorail woes and Disney's board of directors. Plus he gives a detailed review of The Florida Project.

LINK: Hurricane Irma documentary by Bright Sun Films, Monorail with door open.


Drunk On Disney 160: Run For Your Life, It's a Disney Channel Star!

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Guy Hutchinson is riding solo discussing RobObama's new head, Disney Channel Stars in jail, Tim Conway on roller skates, Bette Midler singing about Donald Trump and Minnie Vans.


Drunk On Disney 159: A Billy Barty Party

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Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson are joined by comedian and actress Lisa Corrao to talk about the history of Imagination Pavilion.
They discuss the disastrous Journey Into Your Imagination, discuss the Figment educational film Would You Eat a Blue Potato and revel in a shared love of Billy Barty.

Recorded at Animate Florida.


Drunk On Disney 158: Star Touring

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Guy talks about the new Trump animatronic, then Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson are before a crowd at Animate Florida to chat the history of George Lucas' work with the Disney company.
They discuss EO, Indiana Jones and Alien Encounter and more.