Drunk On Disney Episode 92: Amazing Amazigh

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Guy Hutchinson is joined by The Drinkfinder himself, Jon Eadler! Jon and Guy chat about Black Pearls, free cotton candy, Rad music, weird bartenders and the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

LINKS: Drunk scales Mexico, Eadler's Pearl Deluxe Gift Set of Guy's Book!


Drunk On Disney Episode 91: Dragon Mijiu Acrobats

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Bart Scott and Guy Hutchinson are back with tales of dreams, Thanksgiving wishes, Star Wars news, Jim Henson questions and some other stuff.

LINKS: Jim Henson eats something, Deluxe Gift Set of Guy's Book!


Drunk On Disney Episode 90: Casey Jr Splash of Scotch Station

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Dana Snyder and Guy Hutchinson are back with a show full of Disney news of little consequence. They also toast a ton of explorers, chat about smackin' dinosaurs and wallow in weird game of hot or not.

LINKS: Dana's IMDb page, Scarlett Johansson on TOT, Guy Hutchinson.


Drunk On Disney Episode 89: The Tower of Tequila

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Dana Snyder, Bart Scott and Guy Hutchinson return with a a simple drink, a bizarre toast and lots to talk about. They talk about the newly discovered Oswald short, the Osborne family Christmas lights, Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow and Disney legend Ed Wynn.

LINKS: Pan vs Pan, Man in the Funny Suit


Drunk On Disney Episode 88: Vacation Planner Panelpaloosa

Guy Hutchinson

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Dana and Guy take the stage at Animate Miami for a panel entitled Drunk On Disney Plans Your Vacation. They are joined by a young couple who turn to Dana and Guy for guidance on their upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. God help them.