Drunk On Disney Episode 40: Beware of Hooch Drinking Hosts

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Dana, Guy and Bart are back for a discussion of Cab Calloway, zombie mugs, supper clubs and the Disneyland Hotel.

To drink along with the boys you need Absolut Vodka and Noilly Prat Vermouth.

LINKS AND PHOTOS: Susan Elia MacNeal's Books, Dana's Jacket at the D23 Fishooks panel, Hoot Gibson's Shrunken Heads, Noilly Prat, Hitchinking Ghost/Zombie comparison, Getting Felt Up puppet podcast, Noel MacNeal's website
This episode's drink: Cab Calloway's Martini: mix 2 parts Absolut Vodka with 1 part Noilly Prat Vermouth.

Dedicated to the enduring memory of Chief.


Drunk On Disney Digestif for Episode 39

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Guy Hutchinson chats with Disney Hipster Andrew about his upcoming album "Let's Move To Disney World." They sample a few tracks and discuss the charity Give Kids the World (which receives 100% of the album's profits.)
They also talk about Andrew's podcast, Country Bears and the underrated joy of Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama.

LINKS: Andrew's blog, Gupta's Gear, Andrew & Adam on Twitter, The Disney Hipster's Podcast, Give Kids the World, more info on Let's Move To Disney World


Drunk On Disney Episode 39: When You Whiskey Upon a Star

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Dana Snyder imagines what Walt Disney smelled like, Guy Hutchinson talks about the time a fat lady in a denim dress sat on his leg and Bart Scott meets a former Disney Afternoon star.
It's a jam packed episode with lots of Disney hotel talk!

To drink along with the boys you need grapefruit juice and a fine rum.

LINKS: DrinkUpNY.com, website that says Epcot's Rosé Pamplemousse Cocktail is actually pre-bottled Meadowsweet wine
This episode's drink: The Chorter Siesta (A DOD original) mix 3 parts fine rum with 2 parts grapefruit juice.


Drunk On Disney Episode 38: Superstar Wino

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Dana Snyder, Guy Hutchinson and Bart Scott put their heads together to try determine the best pavilion in World Showcase. They also talk about ornate Japanese clocks, Pippi Longstocking, Dana's residual checks, bento boxes and the species that went extinct in WDW.

To drink along with the boys you need gin, Midori, pineapple juice and lemon bar mix.

PHOTOS & LINKS: Guy's Drink, Crazy Bento Boxes, video tour of Mitsukoshi


Drunk On Disney Episode 37: EPCOT Centerbe

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Dana Snyder, Guy Hutchinson and Bart Scott try to imagine EPCOT Center without Future World, a LaWanda Page ride, a Pearl Bailey pavilion and a Frozen water park.

To drink along with the boys you need Apricot Brandy, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice.

LINKS: Chief ReliefJoys, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez part 1, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez part 2,


Drunk On Disney Digestif for Episode 36

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Guy Hutchinson chats with Keith of the Disney Hipsters podcast about
The Yakoose, Captain EO, the elevator at Disney Quest and the Fantasmic fanatics.