Drunk On Disney 141: The Kings of Good Advice

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Guy and Bart work diligently to try and plan a trip for a listener.
Plus they babble about some Disney news and dwell on self promotion a bit too long.


Drunk On Disney 140: Public Nuisance

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Dana and Guy talk about what they would like to eat in the American Adventure Pavilion, debate the merits of skiing and wax nostalgic about Valley history.


Drunk On Disney 139: Please Stand By

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Guy and Bart have a conversation about The Karate Kid, time travel and Disney booze before it's cut off by bad wifi. Plus Guy tells some stories of Presidents and Disney parks.


Drunk On Disney 138: The Kidnapping of the President Starring William Shatner The Ride

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Guy and Dana start of the New Year with a gloriously inane and far too long argument about the viability of Guardians of the Galaxy attractions. Plus Bart talks about an upcoming trip and they try and decide what is sacred in EPCOT.