Drunk On Disney Episode 43: Amaretto Idol Experience

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Dana, Guy and Bart are back to witness the return of The Drinkfinder and Fugment. They also prematurely mourn American Idol Experience, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and the fountain at the Polynesian.
Then they get super patriotic and accuse everyone else of being communists.

To drink along with the boys you need lemon sour mix, orange juice, orgeat, brandy and silver rum.

LINKS: James Cagney's HouseThe Bar with BaconLee Greenwood Coach makes a My Tie, Pat and Billy make Dana a banana rum jumbie and The Waterfall at the Poly.

This episode's drink: Scorpion from Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. Mix 1 & ¼ oz lemon sour mix, 1 & ¼ oz orange juice, ½ oz orgeat, ½ oz brandy and 1 & ½ silver rum. Pour in a glass with cubed ice.