Drunk On Disney Episode 41: Grizzly River Rum

LINK (right click to save) 48:30

On this episode Bart tells us about his adventures on television, Guy and Dana get sucked into a discussion of (the Steven King movie) Thinner and then they all drink blue curacao, read listener email and talk about fancy booze.

To drink along with the boys you need dark rum, blue curacao, light rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, sour mix and Orgeat syrup.

LINKS AND PHOTOS: Disneyland Locals Documentary, Rum & Coke and WWII and Dana Elvis suit wedding photo.
Hoot and Chief audio from the Mesa Verde Times YouTube video channel.

This episode's drink: The Blue Lagoon from The Polynesian: Mix 1oz dark rum, 3/4oz blue curacao, 2oz light rum, 1&1/2oz pineapple juice, 1&1/2oz orange juice, 2&1/2 sour mix and 1&1/4oz Orgeat syrup.
Dedicated to the enduring memory of Chief.