Drunk On Disney Episode 53: Snow White Russian

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Guy Hutchinson tells Dana Snyder and Bart Scott about his trip to Medieval Times. They also talk about vintage Disneyland TV specials, parades, souvenir photos and bars in New York City.

To drink along with the boys you need Belvedere vodka, simple syrup, strawberry puree, fresh lime juice, aged balsamic vinegar and sliced strawberry.

LINKS: Disneyland's 35th Anniversary

This episode's drink: Strawberry Balsamic Martini (Food and Wine, Poland)
2 parts Belvedere vodka, 1 part simple syrup, 2 parts strawberry puree, 1/2 part fresh lime juice, 1/2 part aged balsamic vinegar and sliced strawberry, for garnish.
Pour Belvedere, simple syrup, lime juice, strawberry puree, and balsamic vinegar into shaker; fill with ice and vigorously shake for 30 seconds. Strain into chilled martini glass and float strawberry slices on top.
Recipe from Party Through the Parks.